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Felt Penguin
This is the result of my first attempt at needle felting... It's from DAISO's Needle felting animal kit PENGUIN DIY. So cute :3

I recorded a video of the process (I tried to, because my cats wouldn't let me do it properly xD) So, in case you want to see me trying to do it and my cats playing around... click to watch this video :3 Thank you!!

I broke the needle, so I had to buy new needles. Then I thought I should buy more wool so I can use those needles and make more cute stuff :3
New cosplay post! Minase Iori's extend Halloween Trickster (The iDOLMaSTER) (put an @ on that a. Don't want to tag)
So, just in time to wish you a Happy, spooky or whatever, Halloween!!! Enjoy!
I'm not able to do a photoshoot right now, but I'll try soon :3 By now, just the WIP, finished pieces and shitty test pics~
I wanted to do it since a long time, but I always had problems with time, but this year was the year!
I just finished a new cosplay: Kanzaki Ranko (The iDOLMaSTER Cinderella Girls) in OFA ver. * the @ tags things and I don't want to tag "ster"
I haven't got a photoshoot yet, but, if you want to take a look on the WIP and the finished pieces, there you go ^^
I started it long ago, like in 2014, but there's a certain detail I haven't been able to finish until yesterday... plus, I had a job and I didn't have like any free time.
Hiiiiii~ You see, I changed my avatar :3 This one fits me a bit better (only a bit xD). / Holaaaaaaaa~ He cambiado mi avatar :3 Está me pega un poco más (pero solo un poco xD).

I'm still working, so I don't have time ._.U to do things... It doesn't mean I won't ever do what I like again! / Todavía estoy trabajando, así que no tengo tiempo ._.U para hacer NADA... Pero eso no significa que jamas vaya a volver a hacer lo que me gusta!

I'm looking for alternatives, but it's difficult right now. I earned enough to quit and do a proper search for some months, but I want to play it safe. That's life for the ones that their parents won't afford everything no matter how silly or burn-money it is. / Estoy buscando alternativas, pero está complicado ahora. He ganado lo suficiente como para dejarlo y buscar más en serio algunos meses, pero quiero ir a lo seguro. Es la vida cuando no tienes unos papis que puedan pagartelo todo aunque no sirva de nada, no tengas talento ni ganas, sea estúpido o tirar dinero a la basura.

Meanwhile, I'm trying some pages where I can sell stuff with my artworks printed. I'm sad most of the artworks were done earlier, but I don't really have time to do new stuff now u.u I can do something, but not so fast or enough quantity to feel satisfied. / Mientras tanto, estoy probando varias páginas donde puedo vender varias cosas con mis diseños impresos. Tristemente la mayoría de los dibujos son anteriores a la creación de las páginas, pero ahora no tengo realmente tiempo para crear nada nuevo rápidamente, en suficiente cantidad o manteniendo cierta calidad.

If you please taking a look at them, I hope you like the designs ^^ And if you can't buy anything, you can share my profile if you're so kind. I know that, it won't be a lot to begin with, but I hope it can help me quitting that horrible tyrannic job. Thank you! / Si quieres mirar las dos páginas, espero que te gusten los diseños ^^ Y aunque no puedas comprar, espero que al menos puedas compartirlo ^^ Sé que no será mucho, para empezar, pero espero que esto pueda ayudarme a dejar ese horrible y represivo trabajo. Gracias!

- RedBubble:…
After thinking it I made an account there. I just uploaded a few designs, I hope you people like them. There are t-shirts, stickers, leggings, skirts, pillows, and so on. / Después de pensarmelo, me hice una cuenta. Sólo he subido algunos diseños, pero espero que os gusten. Hay camisetas, pegatinas, leggings, faldas, cojines y muchas otras cosas.

- TeePublic:
This is a page similar to the last one, it only has t-shirts, but they're cheaper right now, until the page takes off the deals. / Esta página es similar a la anterior, aunque solo tiene camisetas, ahora mismo están más baratas, hasta que la página retire las ofertas.


And I'm sharing again links to my accounts~ Y comparto de nuevo links a mis diferentes cuentas~

-First, my youtube channel:…
Here I dance, I sing and I show cosplays. / Mi canal de youtube, donde bailo, canto, enseño cosplays y también subo vídeos random xD

-My blog: himesamawatsukareta.blogspot.c…
Here I show, more or less, how I do my cosplays. Also some daily things and a parody with 2 plushies I made xD / Mi blog, donde enseño cómo hago mis cosplays y cuento lo que se me pasa por la cabeza.

- Twitter:
I made it private for some reasons, but now it's public again ^^ / Twitter, que lo hice privado por una temporada, por ciertas razones, pero ahora es público de nuevo ^^

- Facebook NewsPage:…
In this page I try to share everything I share in other pages I have, so everyone can find everything in the same place. / En esta página intento compartir todo lo que hago en las demás páginas para que sea más fácil de encontrar todo en un mismo lugar.

A page for sharing cosplay pics. / World Cosplay, una página de cosplay.

-My Anime List:…
Here you can see the anime/manga I watched/read. It's not updated ^^'' / Aquí podéis ver qué animes y manga he leído/visto. Hay muchas cosas sin actualizar xD

Cure No.329506
This is also for cosplay. I haven't had time to upload photos, but I'll do, someday, I think xD. / Esta página también es para cosplay. La tengo un poco abandonada, pero algún día subiré más cosas, supongo xD
Just for quick questions, and it's no need to have an account to use it and it can be anonymous
(Similar to this one, I also had Formspring, but I'm not using it anymore xD because I don't want to update it xD)
/ Página para preguntas rápidas. No se necesita cuenta para poder preguntar, puede ser anónimo. (Similar a esto tuve Formspring también pero como no me da la gana actualizarlo, no voy a usarlo más xD)

Thanks for clicking those links and maybe following me there too ^^
Gracias por hacer click a esos links y tal vez por seguirme en esas páginas, también :3


402ShionS3's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I draw seriously since 2010 (I think). I studied 2 years in fine arts. I kind of stopped drawing at 2009 after some bad things happened. Since then, I draw only sometimes.
Now, I have a tyrannic job that leaves me with nearly no free time to do my things, so that's why I seem to have dissapeared. No, I didn't.
I draw, paint, sew and I make cosplay and wear it. I also write poems and stories.
If I don't remember your name, please don't get mad at me, because I promise I'll remember every word you say. And never EVER tell me what to do, because I'll do the exactly opposite, instead if you tell me the opposite you want me to do because you already know this, in this case no matter what you say I won't ever do what you want me to do. :)
Tsundere&Kuudere to the marrow.
Cosplaying since 2010 summer.
I also upload videos in my youtube when I feel like that.

I will show you my cosplay photos (if I'm able to get good pictures of them >_>) and pictures.
Now I'm practicing with photoshop, corel and sai :3

Facebook Newspage:…
WorldCosplay account:
Curecos Account:…
Cure No.329506 (Newbie)
Ask me:
My Anime List:…
My Figure Collection:…

Current Residence: Parent's home ºAº
Favourite genre of music: a lot of genres
Favourite style of art: Manga, anime
Favourite cartoon character: Kenshin, Shin Chan, Iori Minase


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Here is the request. Can you draw the following request with Iori in these clothes?…

The request is, Iori is drinking a big glass of orange juice with two straws in her mouth at a cafe. It is based on this reference:…

One picture I wouldn't mind.
402ShionS3 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Does she need to have both straws in her mouth? I mean, it would be cute if she's sharing her juice with Usa-chan :3

Also, since it's a free request, it won't be a problem if I use the picture out of deviantArt, is it?
TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015
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Happy Birthday! May Iori wish you a Super one too!
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GRACIAS POR EL FAV!! Miku x Kaito visita mi youtube si quieres , devuelvo el subs !!! Pixiv y WORLDCOSPLAY!! Miku Emoji [V1] 

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I wish you were still on DeviantArt. I got a new Iori comic request for you, and I promise it doesn't involve doors
402ShionS3 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't recall quitting DeviantArt xD Though, I'm working, so no time, sorry x_D
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Want me to send you the note? You can do it later
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Happy Birthday! May Iori wish you a very happy one too!
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